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Miora Group Careers

As a member of the Miora Group, you can look forward to a life of continuous learning, challenges and passion for excellence.  This life style rests on the foundation stones of our values of honesty, integrity, compassion, humility, accountability, ownership, learning and development.

At Miora Group, we recognize the critical role that our people play in the success and growth of our businesses. It is the skill and initiative of our workforce that sets us apart from our peers in today’s knowledge-driven economy.  This realization that human resource development plays a key role in our vision of excellence has helped us make a commitment to each and every member’s educational and training development.

Development programs are cautiously designed,executed and monitored to ascertain continuous learning and development of members.In-house training programs by local and international trainers are conducted on a regular basis to keep our team abreast with the latest developments in our industry. To supplement our training programs, we have invested in people to train and groom them to meet challenges at international level. In addition, our employees travel overseas to attend business meetings, workshops and seminars.

We offer:

  • International opportunities
  • Professional environment
  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Fast pace growth
  • Attractive Packages